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  • Solid red, white, blue, or gray long sleeved or short sleeved polo or oxford button down style
  • Soft blue oxford button down shirts
  • Solid red, white, gray, or blue sweaters or sweatshirt
  • Grey or black zip-up fleece jacket
  • Navy blue or black blazer
  • Memorial Hoodies
  • No solid colored hoodies
  • No zip up hoodies
  • All Memorial jackets (letterman, team) will be allowed in the classroom
  • Memorial Spirit Shirts red, white, blue, or gray (the Pink Memorial Cancer awareness shirt will also be allowed)


  • Khaki only
  • Pants or shorts (must have front and back pockets)
  • Khaki, or Memorial plaid pleated skirts (Memorial Plaid #93 is available at KRenee’s Uniform Closet and C&J School Uniforms)
  • Skirts (must be pleated)


  • Shoes – tennis shoes or casual dress shoes 
  • No slides or flip-flops
  • No scarves (around the neck or head) or non-religious head wraps, hats