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Charger Pride

Basketball players celebrating with fans after state championship game

Fight Song

Memorial High School Fight Song

Memorial, Memorial, to you we will be true,
We'll fight, we'll fight, with all our might
For our red, white, and blue.
With pride and joy within our hearts
Our flag will always fly...
Memorial, Memorial, until the day we die.

Our victories we proudly show
To those who may deny.
Memorial, Memorial, our honors we hold high,
In memory of those who died
To keep their ideals strong...
Memorial, Memorial, forever we'll live on.

Charger Creed

I am a Memorial Charger, a living part of a proud tradition.
These are my Charger Values: 

Courage: I face my fears, do the right thing and encourage others to do the same.
Honesty: I am true in my words and deeds.
Achievement: I put forth maximum effort to get where I belong.
Respect: I show respect for others, their property and myself. 
Gratitude: I show appreciation to those helping me better myself. 
Empathy: I strive to understand others, to see life through their eyes.
Responsibility: I meet my obligations; I take ownership of my life. 

I am a Memorial Charger. These are my values. 

Soy Charger de Memorial, una parte viva de una tradición orgullosa.
Estos son mis valores de Charger:

Coraje: Enfrento mis miedos, hago lo correcto y aliento a los demás de hacer lo mismo.
Honestidad: Soy honesto en mis palabras y hechos.
Achievement / Logro: Pongo mi máximo esfuerzo para llegar a donde debo estar.
Respeto: Muestro respeto por los demás, su propiedad e yo mismo.
Gratidud: Enseño aprecio a los que me ayudan a mejorarme.
Empatía: Me esfuerzo por entender a los demás, para ver la vida a través de sus ojos.
Responsabilidad: Cumplo mis obligaciones; tomo la propiedad de mi vida.

Soy un Charger de Memorial. Estos son mis Valores.

Alma Mater

MHS Alma Mater

Firmly founded, Alma mater, ever true we'll be. 

Here within your halls of learning pledge we loyalty.

We'll sing your praises, speed them onward, to the world proclaim

That we'll always shield and cherish Memorial High School's name. 

Chargers Achieve

State Championships

Academic Team - 1999
Baseball (5A) - 1980, 1981, 1984
Boys Basketball - 1974 (5A), 1994 (5A), 2003 (6A), 2008 (6A), 2013 (5A), 2014 (5A), 2017 (5A), 2018 (5A), 2019 (5A)
Boys Tennis (5A) - 1972
Cheerleading - 1989
Football - 1980
Girls Golf - 1978
Pom (5A) - 2001, 2002
Winter Guard - 1995, 1997