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Parent/Student Resources

At Memorial High School we believe that parent involvement raises the academic achievement level of students. Additionally, parents become empowered, teacher morale improves, and communities grow stronger when parents take an active role in educating their children. 

Final Transcript

It is very important that seniors request their final transcript to be sent to the college they will attend in the fall.  To make the final transcript request fill out a form in the main office.

Hold cards

It is the policy of Tulsa Public Schools to withhold transcripts and copies of other school records relating to any student who fails to return a textbook or other property or to make payment for the items issued. Students with hold cards are prohibited from participating in all activities such as Prom. Also, they cannot receive diplomas until holds are taken care of. 

Lost and Found Policy

Please call the main office at 918-833-9600 about any missing items that may have been turned in. 

Personalized Learning

You can follow your student's personalized learning process by accessing the parent portal on Summit Learning. Parent Portal

schedule changes

Students will need to pick up a schedule change form from the office and return it upon completion. Schedule change forms due require a parent/guardian signature. It may take several weeks to work through all the schedule change request. 

Student id

All students will receive a student ID during the first month of school. Students need to wear ID's daily and have it available if requested for identification. Replacement Fee: $3.00


At Memorial High School, college and career readiness is not a dream, it's a plan. For that to be a reality, all students must begin planning for their futures by taking the appropriate classes needed for high school graduation, rigorous coursework designed to prepare their for college and career, and explore their interests and talents so that they can find that perfect career match.

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