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Students at Memorial High School Take on Earthquake Challenge

Taking what you learn in school and applying it to the real world is a great way for students to learn, and that's what students at Memorial High School got to do with a recent project.

Students put their science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) skills to the test on a project that provided them earthquake awareness. Their challenge, to make an earthquake-resistant building with very specific requirements.

Memorial High School AP science teacher, Krystal Medina, challenged her students to construct a four-story building using a limited "budget" for supplies within a week.

Medina decided it was important to add an economical side to the project requiring students to think ahead and determine what supplies they would "purchase."

Once the building phase was complete, students put their building on an earthquake simulator with an egg on top of the building. The goal was to have their building withstand several seconds of shaking without it falling over and breaking the egg.

Some teams were successful, some weren't, but all the students had a fun time while putting their STEM knowledge to the test.

Memorial high school offers a magnet program that provides a rigorous education in STEM. The mission is to help students take the next step - enrolling in a university-level STEM program - with confidence in the field they have chosen and with the skills that will ensure their success.

You can watch how the students projects turned out in the video below:

You can learn more about Memorial High School here.