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January Charger of the Month

Name: Latavia Ross

Grade: Sophomore

Role Model: My role model is my mom because she does everything possible to make sure we have everything need and want. She works so hard to take care of us and gives us the love and support every child wants.

Teacher with the most impact: The teacher with the most impact to me is my Latin teacher Mrs.Motto-Mclntash because she lets you know when you’re wrong and makes sure that you believe enough in yourself to get it right. Mrs. McIntosh gives me confidence that I never knew I had before.

Activities: I mostly read for fun and I go to the Library any chance I get.

Future Goals/Plans: My future goals are to go to college for education and when I graduate I will join the Board at TPS to make it better and to improve the system and will later become Superintendent.

Personal Quote“A room without books is like a body without a soul” ~ Cicero

Name: Taylor Ellison

Grade: Senior

Role Model: My biggest role model is my dad. Throughout my life he’s always been my best friend and biggest supporter. With all the struggles that have happened in my life, including my mother and grandmother passing when I was 13, he has been there for me every step of the way. I am thankful for such a great father-son relationship. My dad is my hero.

Teacher with the most impact: The basketball coaching staff, the baseball coaching staff, Ms. Baker, Mr. Dvornik and more have all made a great impact, not only in the classroom and court, but also providing future references and advice on helping me succeed after high school. I couldn’t be more grateful.

Activities: *Basketball and Baseball though high school. *AP Courses for four years  *Volunteered with Meals on Wheels for Community Service because I got to work with my grandpa and help people who need it.

Future Goals/Plans: I have a basketball scholarship to McPherson College in Kansas for the next four years. I’m interested in majoring in Business Management which will give my options to work at a large variety of places. My biggest plan is to be as successful as possible.

Personal Quote: “Have No Regrets”


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Memorial High School and Engineering Academy (TEAM)
stands to honor our students and faculty heroes of the past and to educate and develop the leaders of the future.

At Memorial, College and Career Readiness is not a dream, it's a plan made possible by the work of talented students and a team of dedicated instructors and leaders. Families and students can choose the path that's right for them...College Bound, Career Focused, or Advanced Placement. For specialized instruction we are the home of the award winning Tulsa Engineering Academy at Memorial (T.E.A.M)

 Our Vision is simple: ACHIEVE. We believe every student, with focus, guidance, and encouragement can and should achieve their goals. Welcome to Memorial High School...
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Homecoming Week Activities (Oct. 6-10)

Homecoming 2014

October 6-10

This year’s theme is Fully Charged.

Dress Up Days

Monday:          Crazy Socks—You must be in uniform other than the crazy socks.

Tuesday:         Holiday Day—Dress to represent your favorite holiday.  You do not have to be in uniform.

Wednesday:    Tie Day—Wear a tie. You must be in uniform.

Thursday:        Twin day—dress exactly the same as someone else.  Be creative and have fun with it.  

**Students dressed in uniforms do not count.

Friday:             Spirit Day—Wear a spirit shirt and uniform bottoms.


If you do not participate in the dress up day you must be in uniform.  If you are not dressed for the day or in uniform you will be sent to TRAICE for the day.

We will have tables set up every morning in the cafeteria for those who are dressed up to come check in and get a ticket.  Students will need 5 tickets for admission to the powder puff game on Friday.  Students who are not dressed up can buy a sticker for $1 and get a ticket that way.  Students who attend Tulsa Tech in the morning can come to see Ms. Smith in room 122 to get tickets.


We will have two coronation assemblies on Thursday October 9th.  This is a formal and solemn occasion and we expect everyone to be on their best behavior.  The time for the assemblies will be announced soon.  Information will be sent out as to who will attend each assembly.


PTA is hosting the carnival this year.  It is on Thursday October 9th with the time to be announced.  Look for more information on this event from PTA.

Bonfire  ( October 9th after the carnival )

We have a bonfire scheduled for Thursday night—(pending a permit).  

Powder Puff (October 10th)

We will have the powder puff game during the school day before the pep rally on Friday.  Students will need five tickets to be released from class to attend the game.  They will get tickets by checking in every morning to show that they are dressed up for the day or by purchasing stickers for $1 each.  One sucker gets the student one ticket.

Pep Rally ( October 10th )

Immediately after the powder puff game we will have a pep rally.  During the pep rally we will award the spirit stick.  The winning class will be determined by who gains the most points for the week.  The categories to be evaluated are the following.

1.      Total number of students participating in the dress up days

2.      Hall ways

3.      Spirit at the pep rally

First place in a category earns 100 points; second place earns 75 points; third place earns 50 points; and fourth place earns 25 points.  The class with the most points wins the spirit week.

Memorial Library Update

IMPORTANT Senior Photo Information (Class of 2015)

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Congratulations to Zane Leach, art show winner

Congratulations to Zane Leach, who earned an Honorable Mention (4th place out of 170 entries) in the High School 3D category at the Bartlesville Indian Summer Art Show!

MHS Receives Half Million Dollar Grant for College, Career Readiness

Memorial High School is the recipient of a National Math and Science Iniative $500,00 grant, which will provide training and resources to strengthen our Advanced Placement classes in Math, Science, and EnglishMore

Office Depot's 5% Program

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