At Memorial High School, college and career readiness is not a dream, it's a plan. For that to be a reality, all students must begin planning for their futures by taking the appropriate classes needed for high school graduation, rigorous coursework designed to prepare their for college and career, and explore their interests and talents so that they can find that perfect career match. 

It is not enough today for students to have a good grade point average and meet the minimum graduation requirements. To be able to take advantage of programs such as Oklahoma's Promise, students must begin planning in the 8th and 9th grade.  Many universities require classes beyond the minimum requirements, and most college majors have specific pre-requisites. Several universities and post secondary institutions also require volunteer service or portfolios of student work samples. 

To help you ACHIEVE your dream, use the links at the left of this screen to begin planning your future today. Explore college and career in your advisory class. Talk to your high school counselor often. Research the post-secondary institutions you are interested in attending to make sure they offer the programs and majors you need, and you are familiar with their specific entrance requirements.

Prospective Students: Please look under the Parents/Future Chargers drop-down menus for information about shadowing. Thank you

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