It's a Cold World: The 1980s


  • Miss Memorial XVII Lisa Hughes is escorted by Randy Reid
  • MHS has 14 National Merit Semi Finalists
  • Chargers of the Year are Brian Stephens and Lisa Hughes
  • The Big Blue Machine wins 1st place in the 3A state competition
    • BBM also attends the Music Bowl 79 Competition in Denton, TX and comes home with the “Most Spirited Band” award
  • January 21-25 MHS held Unity Week, where Chargers showed Unity with the Hostages of the American Embassy in Iran by wearing white ribbons and signing a petition pleading with the Iranian Embassy in the US to “let our people go”
  • The musical is “Lil Abner”
  • The senior play is “You Can’t Take it With You”
  • The sophomore-junior play is “A Thurber Carnival”
  • Senior breakfast is held at the Camelot Inn
  • Football wins All City
  • Gymnastics has a 30-0 season and are All City Runners Up
  • Girls Cross Country takes 1st place at Conference
  • Boys Basketball are 1st in their Conference and have a 19-4 season record
  • Boys Tennis finishes with a 13-0 season, takes 1st in All City, 1st at the Sooner Invitational Fifty, 1st in the Oklahoma Six Conference, and place 3rd in the State
  • Girls Tennis earns the 2nd place trophy at All City
  • Varsity Cheer are the District Champions at the University of Arkansas Camp
  • The annual Surfs show is “Capture the Great Outdoors”
  • A new team is formed with the Rifle Club, and they promptly win 2nd place at the National Indoor Championships, competing against an astonishing 103 other teams
  • German Club makes their annual pilgrimage to Emmy’s German Restaurant in Fort Smith, Arkansas
  • A new club, Bridge Club, is created
News of 1980 John Lennon assassinated * PacMan created * “Miracle on Ice” US Hockey team beats USSR in the Olympics * *  Rubik’s Cube imported to the US (created in mid-1970s but not sold in US until 1980) and becomes the most popular toy of the decade * Mt. St. Helens erupts created the worst volcanic disaster in American history * Ronald Regan takes office as President of the US * CNN goes on air * Americans tune in to “Dallas” on November 21 1980  to find out “Who Shot JR?” * Best selling movies of the year include “The Empire Strikes Back,” 9 to 5,” “Airplane!,” and “the Blues Brothers” 


  • The football team are the State Champs, being Midwest City 30-6 on December 6, 1098
  • MHS has a new principal, Betty Sprankle, the first female principal of a TPS high school since 1908
  • MHS has 607 students in its graduating class
  • Miss Memorial XVII is Jill Muehlhausen, escorted by Lee Wheeler
    • At the Homecoming Game, MHS beats EC 13-0
  • Chargers of the Year are Mark Adkison and May Chang
  • The musical is “Good News”
  • The senior play is “Stage Door”
  • The sophomore/junior play is “Love Rides the Rails”
  • The junior girls beat the seniors in Powderpuff football
  • The first year the Chargers have a Softball team, and they go 12-4
  • Gymnastics Team wins All City
  • Boys Basketball takes 1st in Regionals and 1st in Area, and posts a 21-6 record
  • Boys Swim earns 1st in Conference and 6th in State
  • Girls Swim places 2nd in Conference and 7th in State
  • Boys Track places 1st in Conference, 1st in Regionals, and 3rd in State
    • The mile relay team places 1st in State
    • Runner Bill DuPont places 1st in the 440 yd dash at State
  • First year the Chargers have a Volleyball team
  • Boys Tennis has a perfect 16-0 season
  • Girls Tennis has a 9-3-3 season, and has a 9th grader from Byrd Junior High on the team
  • Key Club is invited to attend national convention in Dallas
  • Masque and Gavel takes 16 members to Regionals, and sweeps the Voice of Democracy speech writing contest by winning 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place
  • The Surfs show is titled “All American Show in H2O”
  • Pep Club sponsors the Mr. Legs contest
  • Art Club paints a new mural in the cafeteria
  • Soccer Club becomes a new club at MHS
  • Prom is held at the Williams Plaza Ballroom, and the Senior Breakfast is once again held at the Camelot Inn
  • On a side note, gas is $1.24/gallon and Izods, Dexters, and fuzzy perms are all the rage
News of 1981 Masters of the Universe cartoon and subsequent toys hit the scene * Care Bears introduced * Memorial won the 4A football championship state title when they defeated Midwest City 30-6  * Sandra Day O’Connor becomes the first woman to be appointed to the United States Supreme Court *  Top selling moves include “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” “Arthur,” “Stripes,” and “Chariots of Fire” 


  • Miss Memorial XIX is Lori Mayfield, escorted by Richard Corley
  • Chargers of the Year are Linda Ford and Buddy Hatchett
  • MHS has 7 National Merit Semi Finalists
  • The Rifle Club wins the National Conference Championships
  • A new variety show is held at MHS, titled “Almost Summer”
  • The musical is “The King & I”
  • The senior play is “Web of Murder”
  • The sophomore/junior play is “Who’s That Lady in the President’s Bed?”
  • Football has a stellar 10-0 season, their first ever undefeated season in Charger history
  • Gymnastics has a 12-0 season, and takes 1st in All City, and again in All Metro
  • Volleyball has a perfect season as well, and takes 2nd place at Regionals
  • Softball has a 14-1 season
  • Cross Country wins the 1st place trophy at the Oklahoma Six Conference
  • Boys Swim Team takes 2nd in City, 1st in Conference, and 5th in State
  • Girls Swim Team takes 2nd in City and 1st in Conference
  • Baseball brings home the 2nd place trophy from Regionals
  • CoEd Track wins 1st in Conference and 2nd at Regionals
  • Varsity Cheer competes at Nationals
  • Big Blue Machine takes all Superior ratings at State
  • Surfs show is “Surfs In the Spotlight”
  • Prom is held at the Williams Plaza Ballroom and is themed “Let The Good Times Roll”
  • In Tulsa, the City of Faith Hospital is built
  • Fads include Rubik’s Cubes and Sony Walkmans
  • Most popular student cars are the 280 ZX and the Mazda RX-7
  • In England, the Royal wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana is held
  • Regular gas cost $1.06 a gallon, and unleaded gas cost $1.11
News of 1982 Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” rocks the airwaves *My Little Pony introduced * ET: The Extra-Terrestrial is the top movie of the year * Disney releases the movie “Tron” * First artificial human heart implanted into a man * Vietnam War Memorial opens in Washington, DC * Best selling movies included “Tootsie,” “An Officer and A Gentleman,” and “Poltergeist” * The first album to be released on CD is Billy Joel’s 52nd Street * Frank Zappa and his daughter Moon Unit Zappa introduce the world to Valley Girl speak * 


  • Miss Memorial XX is Brenda Latch, escorted by Harry Crawford
  • Chargers of the Year are Brenda Latch and Neal Castles
  • MHS has 15 National Merit Semi Finalists
  • Choir holds its first ever Requiem
  • The musical is “Guys & Dolls”
  • The senior play is “Dracula”
  • The sophomore/junior play is “Up The Down Staircase”
  • The second annual variety show, called “Fame,” is held
  • Football finished the season 10-2, and is 1st in District
  • Gymnastics takes 2nd place at All Metro
  • Boys Swim Team takes 3rd  in All City
  • Girls Swim Team takes 2nd in All City
  • Baseball finishes with a 22-6 season and takes first at both Metro and Regionals
  • Girls Golf places 2nd at Metro and Regionals and Earns 3rd place at State
  • Boys Golf earns 3rd place honors at Metro, 2nd at Regionals, and 10th Place at State
  • Surfs show is “Roundabout with Surfs”
  • Prom is held at the Williams Plaza Ballroom on May 20, 1983 with “The Heartbeats” as the band
  • Fashion fads include Izods and Polos, Dexters and Nikes, Cole Hahns and Ankle boot
  • The English punk scene is popular, with red hairspray and "Stray Cat Strut" all the rage.

News of 1983

Madonna debuts her self titled album * * Ronald Reagan announces the Star Wars Defense Initiative * Sally Ride becomes the first woman in space * Top selling movies include “Return of the Jedi,” “Flashdance,” and “Risky Business” * The movie “Risky Business” popularized Ray-Ban sunglasses * Mr. T’s famous Mohawk becomes recognized all over the world after the A-Team begin airing in this year * Jelly shoes begin being sold at Bloomingdale’s resulting in a footwear revolution *


  • Miss Memorial XXI is Julie Wakefield, escorted by Mark O’Rear
  • Chargers of the Year are Donna DuPuy and Tim Eckenfels
  • Tulsa Public Schools reconfigures all high schools to be 9th-12th grades
    • Freshman are at the high school for the first time
    • This increases MHS enrollment to over 2000 students
  • MHS has 9 National Merit Semi Finalists
  • MHS holds its first ever Junior High Night
  • The musical is “Once Upon a Mattress”
  • The junior/senior play is “Dark of the Moon”
  • The freshman/sophomore play is “Jabberwocky”
  • MHS has a new dance team, called the Oklahoma Breakers
  • The Charger Football teams has an impressive 38-0 routing of the Rogers Ropers
  • MHS Charger Baseball are State Champions, with a 22-7 season. For the state championship they beat Moore 5-0
  • Volleyball has a 22-7 season
  • Girls Cross Country runner Michelle Schultz takes 2nd in State
  • Boys Swim Team takes 3rd in City, 1st  in Conference
  • Girls Swim Team wins 3rd in City and 1st in Conference
  • The newly formed MHS Soccer team goes 4-2
  • Track finished 2nd in Conference, 4th in Regionals, and 7th in State
    • Michelle Scholtz goes undefeated in both the 1600m and the 3200m all season, including Conference, Regionals, and State
  • Symphonic Band earns Superior at State
  • Jazz Band also earns Superior at State
  • Surfs show is “Splashbacks”
  • Prom is held at the Westin Hotel and is themed “All Night Long” with the band being “Bandit”
  • In Tulsa, the Sakowitz department stores opens

News of 1984

“Ghostbusters,” “Karate Kid” “Footloose” and “Gremlins”  becomes huge hit movies * Transformers toys come to the US from Japan * The first Apple Macintosh computer, which is the first successful person computer to feature a mouse and graphical user interface, is released on January 24 1984 *  PG13 movie rating created * Prince’s “Purple Rain” album tops the charts * Wendy’s Hamburgers ads ask “Where’s the Beef?” * First “Terminator” movie * 

        Miss Memorial XXI is Liz Reilly, escorted by Jorge Romero
  • Chargers of the Year are Liz Reilly and Jed Castles
  • MHS has 3 National Merit Semi Finalists
  • The musical is “The Sound of Music”
  • The junior/senior play is “Teahouse of August Moon”
  • The freshman/sophomore play is “Our Town”
  • Football has another great year, making it to the State PlayOffs
  • Girls Cross Country takes 1st at Conference with Michelle Scholtz taking first at State
  • Boys Cross Country takes 3rd at Regionals
  • Boys Basketball makes it to the State Finals
  • Girls basketball beats the Hale Rangers for the first time in 6 years!
  • Volleyball earns 1st in Conference and Regionals, and places 5th in State
  • Boys Soccer, in its first full year, takes 1st in District
  • Girls Soccer is formed this year
  • Boys Golf has a 24-1 record and takes 1st at All City, Metro, Conference, AND Regionals before earning 3rd place at State
  • Varsity Boys Tennis goes 9-1-1 and takes 2nd place honors at the Oklahoma Six and 3rd place in Regionals
    • Both Girls Doubles Tennis and Boys Doubles Tennis take 1st place at the Oklahoma Six
  • Girls Track takes 1st in Conference
  • Baseball earns 1st at the Oklahoma Six
  • Surfs show is “Be True to Your School”
  • A new club is formed – the Medical Club
  • Prom is held at the Westin Hotel downtown and is themed “Let The Good Times Roll” with the band once again being “Bandit”
  • National News includes: National Smokeout week, and anti-smoking campaign, is held; Jesse Jackson becomes the first African American man to run for President; Geraldine Ferraro become the first woman to run for Vice President; Barney Clark becomes the first recipient of an artificial heart

News of 1985

“Back to the Future” becomes one of the biggest films of the year * Other popular movies are “The Breakfast Club,” “”Pee Wee’s Big Adventure,” “The Goonies,” and “Fletch” *  Teddy Ruxpin introduced * The first Windows operating system is released on November 20 1985 * Famine in Ethiopia leads to Band Aid formation * Hole in the Ozone layer found * New Coke hits the market and flops big time * Wreck of the Titanic found in the Atlantic Ocean * Iconic “black and white” ads of GUESS Jeans propels the jeans makers into fashion history * 

  • Miss Memorial XXIII is Kelly Flynn, escorted by Eric Packel
  • Chargers of the Year are Kelly Flynn and Mike Carr
  • MHS has 3 National Merit Semi Finalists
  • The musical is “Oklahoma!”
  • The Big Blue Machine is the only TPS band to reach State Finals, earning 5th in State for Percussion and Flags
  • Volleyball places 1st in Conference, Metro, AND Regionals, before taking 5th Place at State
  • Boy Track takes 8th in State
  • Girls Track takes 4th in State
    • Michelle Scholtz wins 1st place at State for the second year in a row!
  • Chargers Swim Team has a 9-1 record thanks to their strength in diving
  • Charger Soccer Player Steve Hayes is named National Soccer Player of the Year
  • The Golf Team takes 2nd at Conference, 2nd in Metro, 3rd in Regionals, and 6th in State
  • Both Boys and Girls Tennis Teams win the Oklahoma Six Conference
    • Boys Tennis takes 1st at Regionals as well
  • Track star Michelle Scholtz scores a Three-peat by taking 1st in State for the 3rd time in both the mile and two-mile races
  • Varsity Cheer earned 3rd place honors at the Tulsa Sate Fair Competition, is the UCA Midwest Regional Grand Champions, and places 13th at the UCA Nationals at Disneyworld
  • Surfs show is “Surfs Go To Hollywood”
  • Prom is held at the Westin Hotel on May 30, 1986
    • It is themed “Don’t You Forget About Me” and features the band “The Limit”
  • Masque & Gavel performs “Spoon River Anthologies” at the One Act Play Competition
  • The Sophomore class goes on a ski trip to Crested Butte, CO
  • The first year for the Mult-handicapped program begins with 10 students
  • Fads include Swatches, tulip rings, Madonna clones, paisley patterns, and high top Reeboks
  • The Space Shuttle Challenger explodes on January 28, 1986

News of 1986

  Challenger explosion * Koosh Ball created * First disposable camera invented * Chernobyl nuclear reactor plant explosion * USSR launches the MIR space station * Top selling movies were “Top Gun,” “Platoon,” “Ferris Buehler’s Day Off,” and “Crocodile Dundee” * The Bangles teach us to “Walk Like an Egyptian” * 

  • Miss Memorial XXV is Rachel Weaver, escorted by Scott Fink
  • The musical is “Fiddler on the Roof”
  • Both Boys Golf and Girls Golf takes 1st place at Conference
  • Boys golf places 3rd in State
  • Baseball takes top honors at Conference
  • Varsity Cheerleaders place 1st in Cheer and Pom Pom categories at UCA Camp
    • They also earn 1st place at Tulsa State Fair Competition, 3rd place at Regionals, and competed at Nationals
  • Surfs show is “Surfs In Animation”
  • In Tulsa, Saks Fifth Avenue opens in Utica Square
  • Fads include silver jewelry, Garbage Pail kids, Yield Signs in car windows, and the movie Top Gun
  • In international news, Prince Andrew marries Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York

News of 1987

Pop Artist Andy Warhol dies * DNA first used to convict criminals * Top grossing movies were “Fatal Attraction,” “Lethal Weapon,” “Three Men and a Baby” and “Moonstruck” * The grunge band “Nirvana” is formed * “This is your brain…this is your brain on drugs. Any questions?” ad campaign featuring the scrambled egg in a skillet is launched *

  • Miss Memorial XXVI is Kelly Ann Burkleo, escorted by Mike Phenicie
  • Chargers of the Year are Laura Landis and Matt Griffin
  • MHS has 3 national Merit Semi-Finalists
  • MHS Trivia:  new principal, Bill Bond; Walking shorts are allowed to be worn at school for the first time; Chargers enjoy “open lunch” for 9th -12th graders – two lunch periods of 45 minutes each; History  students in Coach Tyler’s class who get caught chewing gum must put it on their nose; TPS bans smoking from all TPS school campus for students and teachers alike; PowerPuff football – the seniors win 24-6
  • The musical is “Kiss Me Kate”
  • Our football team wins All City and has an 8-2 record
  • Girls Cross Country won 1st in Conference
  • Boys Cross Country placed 10th in State
  • Wrestler Travis Briggs competed at State
  • Our cheerleaders placed 7th in the Nation at Nationals
  • Girls Swim placed 4th in Metro, 3rd in Conference, and had two divers advance to State
  • This is the first year Girls Basketball goes full court, 5 on 5
  • Baseball has a 29-5 season
  • Masque & Gavel wins the National Forensic League District Trophy
  • Girls Golf is 1st in Conference
  • Boys Golf takes 1st in Metro, and 3rd at State
  • Girls Tennis places 8th in State
  • Boys Tennis earns 5th Place at State
  • Track takes 2nd place at Conference
    • 8 Female runners qualified for State
    • 3 Relay teams qualified for State
  • Surfs show is “Surfing Through Time”
    • This is the last year for synchronized swimming- MHS had the last team in TPS
    • The Surfs were coached all 26 years of its history by Coach Cairns
  • Prom is held at the Marriott Hotel and is themed “Why Can’t this Night Go On Forever”

News of 1988

“Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” is a smash movie of the year  * Pan Am flight 103 is bombed over Lockerbie, Scotland * Student massacre in Tiananmen Square in Beijing, China * Top grossing movies included “Rain Man,” “Die Hard,” “Beetlejuice,” and “Big” * LCD Televisions introduced * 

  • Miss Memorial XXVII is Shannon Zanter, escorted by James H Ferris, II
  • There are two musicals this year:
    • The Fall musical is “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown”
    • The Spring musical is “Bye Bye Birdie”
  • Key Club sponsors College Day and earns money by selling POW bracelets
  • The Big Blue Machine takes 5th place in state in both Percussion and Color Guard
  • Boys Basketball takes 3rd place honors at the Tournament of Champions
  • Charger Rene’ Pillow is crowned Miss Oklahoma Coed
  • Fads include sayings such as "happy campers," "Get a Life!" and items such as tie dyed shirts, backpacks (replacing lockers), large scarves on girls, and big bangs.

News of 1989

The Berlin Wall comes down * “The Simpsons” debuted* Disney Releases “The Little Mermaid” * Top selling movies included “Batman,” and “Dead Poets Society” * First episode of “Seinfeld” airs about nothing *
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